News: Ra Paulette’s luminous subterranean world

In one of the first posts on Darkness Below UK we briefly highlighted the work of US cartoonist John Tudek. At the time we were not sure ...
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Update: More news on Drws Cefn legal threats

We reported on 24 November 2015 about the legal action threatened by cavers Stuart France and Nigel Rogers against Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and the ...
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Rescue: UWFRA attend incident near Hetton

Photograph: UWFRA
The UWFRA team attended an incident near Hetton after a female walker sustained a suspected broken ankle. Eighteen team members attended the incident and stretchered the ...
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News: Dales flooding December 5th 2015

As Storm Desmond wreaks havoc throughout Cumbria and large parts of Lancashire and North Yorkshire, photographs and video recordings of flooding in the Yorkshire Dales, ...
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Rescue: CRO assist after flooding delays ambulance

The Cave Rescue Organisation responded to a call from North West Ambulance Service unable to reach Dent to attend to a wheelchair user, upstairs and needing hospital ...
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Book Review: Deep Shelter by Oliver Harris

DC Nick Belsey is driven down into the miles of abandoned tunnels under the streets of London in search for a missing woman. As it ...
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Rescue: Mountain and Cave Rescue Promo Video

British Cave Rescue Council
Did you know that there are around fifty cave and mountain rescue teams in the UK, with around three thousand five hundred volunteers dealing with ...
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News: Descent 247 now available

Descent 247 now available
Wild Places Publishing have just announced that Descent 247 is now available featuring articles covering changing attitudes to cleaning caves, photography from the Third International ...
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NPC Journal now available

The long awaited NPC Journal: explorations and happenings 1987-2015 is finally out. Price is £16 plus P&P direct from the club. Get your copy by ...
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News: Ogof Marros – New Discovery

A new cave has been found in Carmarthenshire by a team of ten cavers from South Wales. The cave was dug throughout much of 2015, ...
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News: Matienzo 2015 report now online

Phil Papard has recently published the Matienzo 2015 report on the Matienzo web site. With around fifty cavers involved at various times throughout the year 2015 ...
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Mining News: Groverake Mine under threat

Mine-explorers usually have a passion for what remains above ground as well as delving deep into the earth. Groverake Fluorspar Mine closed in 1999 and ...
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Mining News: Life forms found in two-mile deep mines

The BBC reports on research work in two-mile-deep gold mines in South Africa where strange nematode worms have been found living deep within the rock ...
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News: Earby Pothole Club looking for ex members to help celebrate 70 years

Please note the date of the Earby dinner has changed to the 13th February 2016. With the end 2015 fast approaching the Earby Pothole Club will soon ...
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Exploration: Discovery and Survey of Upper Canada Cave

Correspondent: Nick Harding. Axbridge Caving Group have broken into the long lost Upper Canada Cave in Hutton, near Western-super-Mare. The discovery of Upper Canada Cave came about ...
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Archaeology: Cave Lion cubs found in Siberia

The BBC Earth site is reporting the discovery of a pair of mummified cave lion cubs which have emerged from thawing ice in Siberia. Uyan and Dina ...
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News: Cavers Threaten Legal Proceedings Against Landowners

Cavers Stuart France and Nigel Rogers are involved in the on-going dispute over closing or gating the Drws Cefn entrance to Ogof Draenen in South ...
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Event: NSS 75th Anniversary 2016

NSS 75th Anniversary 2016
In what promises, along with Eurospeleo 2016, to be one of the biggest events of next year the 2016 National Speleological Society are holding their convention ...
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