IMHC 2016

Linares, Spain

11th International Mining History Congress

At Linares

Linares, Spain

The International Mining History Congress (IMHC) is an organization set up to encourage and coordinate the functioning of periodic International meetings where persons and organizations wishing to promote mining history can gather to discuss matters of common interest. These interests may be in mining-related fields of social and economic history, archaeology, heritage, engineering history, labour history, company history, health & safety, or other areas that can be linked to the development of mining over time and in different parts of the world.

In the past, the meetings have attracted academics, geologists, mining engineers, mine-workers, those interested in mining from governments, local authorities, industry representatives and local historians – indeed those attending the meetings turn out to be a very diverse group who tend to not only enjoy meeting people with similar interests but who enjoy talking to those about various facets of mining’s past.

Previous Congresses have been informative in terms of transmitting knowledge but also friendly and casual. All have been held in historic mining areas that add to the ambience of the occasion and the end result has seen wide networking among mining history enthusiasts on all continents.




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