How to check caving conditions from the comfort of your bed!

CPC Webcam at Horton
CPC Webcam at Horton

Craven Pothole Club have gone live with a River Ribble monitoring webcam in Horton. Anyone viewing the sites will be able to view live feeds of river conditions to give an indication of how high water levels are.

The camera is also able to show the state of the river during the night – the level is easily visible against the stones of the bridge so cavers can check the feasibility of that wet winter trip from the comfort of their bed!

Here are the useful links: This link will show a full 24 hours at a rate of one frame every five minutes. It allows users to step through the video either frame by frame or in five-hour steps or show the full day in 12 seconds. It will also allow visitors to view conditions from the previous 14 days. This link shows the latest single image – users may need to press F5 to force the image to refresh after the first use. This will show a reduced video of the last half hour or so – once again visitors may have to press F5 to force a refresh after the first time of use.

Users can also go the club’s home page and look on the Dales weather panel for the link.

The club reminds cavers that this is only an indication of conditions of the River Ribble and not necessarily representative of conditions underground.

Correspondent: Paul McWhinney