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Here we go with our latest round-up of news and views from around the world. If you see anything you think we might have missed, do drop us a line. Many thanks to Herman de Swart for sending in a large number of links!

Cave Art

Science et Avenir: New cave art discovered in Spain

The Guardian: ‘Humans were not centre stage’: how ancient cave art puts us in our place – podcast

My Modern Met: 6 Incredible Facts About the Prehistoric Altamira Cave Paintings

Atlas Obscura: Cave of Maltravieso: hiding what some believe are revolutionary examples of Neanderthal cave art.

Egypt Today: Ancient inscriptions inside South Sinai caves documented

Egypt Independent: Archaeologists document 12,00 year old inscription in South Sinai Cave

Cave Archaeology

Live Science: 9,900-year-old skeleton of horribly disfigured woman found in Mexican cave

PhysOrg: Siberian Neanderthals were intrepid nomads

The Siberian Times: Neanderthals made two epic invasions of Siberia

BBC News: Neanderthal ‘skeleton’ is first found in a decade

BBC: How did the last Neanderthals live?

The Siberian Times: 60,000-year-old Neanderthal ‘Swiss Army Knife’ found in Siberian cave

Science News: New cave fossils have revived the debate over Neandertal burials

NewScientist: Ancient humans in the Sahara ate fish before the lakes dried up

The Irish Post: A tour guide found a hoard of priceless Viking treasure while cleaning up litter in Kilkenny

Somerset County Gazette: Somerset cave helps reveal mystery of gruesome skeleton cups and bowls

The Westmorland Gazette: 150-year-old record of Yorkshire Dales cave unearthed

The Star: Sarawak to bring ancient Niah Cave skeletons back from the US

IFL Science: Neanderthal-Denisovan Ancestor Canoodled With Mystery Group Of “Super-Archaic” Humans

Cave Science

Smithsonian Magazine: Ancient Bat Guano Reveals Thousands of Years of Human Impact on the Environment

National Geographic: World’s largest cave fish discovered in India

Mail Online: Biggest ever blind subterranean fish discovered in Indian cave

PhysOrg: Solved: The mystery surrounding dinosaur footprints on a cave ceiling

Research Gate: In situ Underwater Tagging of Aquatic Organisms: A Test Using the Cave-Dwelling Olm, Proteus anguinus

The Independent: Rare European cave salamander stayed in the same spot for seven years

Zootaxa: A new genus of cave spider from Neotropical region

Phytotaxa: Lysimachia daqiaoensis (Primulaceae), a new cave species from Guangdong, China

Newsweek: Head of Giant 330-Million-Year-Old Shark Found in Wall of Kentucky Cave

The Brussells Times: Belgium is getting warmer and drier, stalagmite shows

Cave Exploration

The Majorca Daily Bulletin: Exploration of a cave sheds new light on Majorca’s first settlers

Time Out: New cave discovered near Split

Mail Online: AI powered drone creates a 3D map of the Dragon’s Breath Cave in Namibia

The Know Outdoors: Large cave discovered near Glenwood Springs in path of proposed mining expansion

The Colorado Sun: Newly discovered “Witches’ Pantry” cave above Glenwood Springs could further complicate mine expansion

Kool.107.9FM: New Cave Discovered in Glenwood Springs

Euro Weekly: The mysterious Treasure Cave nestled in the cliffs of la Axarquia

Cave Rescue

Khaleej Times: Diver in Thai cave rescue to share story in Dubai

Express: Thai cave rescue: scientists map tunnels that trapped boys

Dorset Echo: Dramatic operation to rescue couple trapped in sea cave filling with water

Craven Herald & Courier: A busy start to 2020 for Cave Rescue Organisation which last year saw its highest ever number of call outs

Knoxville TN: Missing man rescued after being trapped in Sparta cave

Somerset Live: 640 rescue missions carried out by a Somerset-based rescue team over 350 years

Bangkok Post: Meditating monk dies in cave fall

Daily Record: Watch dramatic rescue of stranded Fife walker trapped in cave by rising tide


National Post: Cave full of bats in China identified as source of virus almost identical to the one killing hundreds today

EurekAlert!: First genetic evidence of resistance in some bats to white-nose syndrome, a devastating fungal disease

China Dialogue: Four new fungi species discovered on one Yunnan bat

Atlas Obscura: New restaurant opens at Grand Canyon Caverns

Missouri Lawyers: Loss Coverage-‘Building Decay’-Cave Storage Facility

South China Morning Post on Facebook: China’s last cave people

Tasnin News Agency: Triple Banmasity Cave: A Tourist Attraction of Iran

San Diego Union Tribune: San Diego city officials ignored cave danger for too long

The Mainichi: Limestone cave ‘Lover’s Sanctuary’ lures couples in western Japan

Healthcare News: Simon Coencas, the last discoverer of the Lascaux Cave dies

Malay Mail: Perak to conduct study of limestone hills and caves after Gua Mat Surat vandalised