News: The 2017 J-Rat Digging Award

Formations in Tween Twins, the 2016 J-Rat Award winner
© Pete Hann

The deadline has passed, the figures are in and the 2017 annual J-Rat Digging Award will be announced at a gala evening at the Hunters’ Lodge Inn on Saturday 25th November. The festivities will begin at 7.30 p.m.

Will the winner be from Mendip, like last year, from Scotland or from further afield? Your correspondent can cheerfully say that he doesn’t have a clue! He’ll be there in the audience and will find out when everybody else does. It tends to be a fairly relaxed affair but the evening’s agenda goes a bit like this:

  1. Meet at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn, Priddy from 19:00.
  2. Announcement of the winner of the JRat Digging Award for 2017 – yes there is one!
  3. Runners Up. Yes there are!
  4. Mendip Round Up of the digs on Mendip and Scotland in 2017 hosted by Mark Helmore.
  5. Close when we get thrown out. 23:00

Come along and have a great time.