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News: Earby Pothole Club looking for ex members to help celebrate 70 years

Please note the date of the Earby dinner has changed to the 13th February 2016. With the end 2015 fast approaching the Earby Pothole Club will soon ...
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Exploration: Discovery and Survey of Upper Canada Cave

Correspondent: Nick Harding. Axbridge Caving Group have broken into the long lost Upper Canada Cave in Hutton, near Western-super-Mare. The discovery of Upper Canada Cave came about ...
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News: St Cuthbert’s Closed

Due to instability in the entrance series St Cuthbert’s has been closed until work to fix the problem has been carried out. The BEC committee ...
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WCMS offers to host 2017 NAMHO Conference

Photo copyright Peter Burgess
UPDATE (24th Nov 2015) : NAMHO Council have accepted the offer by WCMS to host NAMHO 2017. The Wealden Cave and Mine Society (WCMS) have ...
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