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A big thumbs up for the BCA Recreational Training Grant

It had never really occurred to me that caving instruction could be so enjoyable and simple to arrange. In the summer of 2016, I attended a meeting of the Council of Southern Caving Clubs, to ...

NAMHO Conference 2017 – Call for Papers

The 2017 Annual NAMHO Conference takes place over the weekend of 24th / 25th June, and will be based at Godstone in Surrey. It is to be hosted by the Wealden Cave and Mine Society ...
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WCMS offers to host 2017 NAMHO Conference

UPDATE (24th Nov 2015) : NAMHO Council have accepted the offer by WCMS to host NAMHO 2017. The Wealden Cave and Mine Society (WCMS) have decided to offer to host the 2017 NAMHO conference and ...