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Mining News: Life forms found in two-mile deep mines

The BBC reports on research work in two-mile-deep gold mines in South Africa where strange nematode worms have been found living deep within the rock ...
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WCMS offers to host 2017 NAMHO Conference

Photo copyright Peter Burgess
UPDATE (24th Nov 2015) : NAMHO Council have accepted the offer by WCMS to host NAMHO 2017. The Wealden Cave and Mine Society (WCMS) have ...
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IMHC 2016

The International Mining History Congress (IMHC) is an organization set up to encourage and coordinate the functioning of periodic International meetings where persons and organizations ...
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NAMHO 2016 details

NAMHO have released more details of their 2016 Conference. The 2016 NAMHO Conference is being hosted by the Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland on the ...
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NAMHO 2016

Hosted by the Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland and (to be confirmed) takes place in Dublin 17th 19th June 2016 ...
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