Otter Hole – A Unique Cave Controlled by the Moon and Tide.

Crystal Ball Passage Photo: Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor’s Otter Hole Film is now available on a USB Memory Stick. This comes complete with the “short version” of the film which has just been produced and concentrates on the water aspect of the cave, a copy of the Otter Hole Survey and a picture of the Hall of Thirty as shown on the case cover taken by Steve Woolven.

The stalagmite and stalactite formations in Otter Hole Cave are absolutely stunning and have enthralled the cavers who have visited the site since it was discovered in 1970. Although it has always been known that parts of the cave flooded when the water in the River Wye rose due to the incoming tide, very few people have ever witnessed the results first hand. Spending 2500 man hours over 8 years and undertaking 36 trips into the cave Paul Taylor and his film crew take you on a journey both above and below ground to reveal the secrets of this unique cave and show what actually happens behind the cavers’ backs.

The package contains:

  • Full length film (1hr 46 min)
  • Short length film (38 min)
  • Otter Hole Cave Survey
  • Hall of Thirty photograph
  • Film Project Notes
  • USB Memory Stick

The cost for this presented in a purpose made case complete with additional supporting Project Notes is £15.00 of which a donation of £2.50 from each sale is being made to Gloucestershire Cave Rescue Group.

Any profits from the sales are being directed towards Paul’s next filming project.

If you would like a copy / copies then please email Paul at [email protected]

Payments can be made by Bank Transfer or he is happy to take cash – he will send you payment details.

Paul will be attending Hidden Earth and is happy to bring copies of the film along to the event.

Paul Taylor and colleagues emerge from Otter Hole. How did he keep that phone so clean?

Information courtesy of Paul Taylor.