Somerset Rockfalls: Fairy Cave Quarry and Goatchurch Cavern

The entrance to Goatchurch Cavern with the recent rockfall on the left. Photo: Wayne Starsmore

The wet winter of 2023/24 is probably the cause of a couple of rockfalls that Mendip cavers should be aware of.

A small not insignificant landslide has occurred in the car park at Fairy Cave Quarry. On the South East bank near to the gate a lot of rocks have collapsed out from the bank that appear to be what was a bank retaining wall. More of the wall and bank may be unstable so it is recommended to park either towards the far end or nearer the road side wall of the car park.

And some loose material including a large rock has fallen from the left-hand wall (looking in) into the entrance of Goatchurch Cavern. The boulder is currently sitting on the floor and is unlikely to move again by itself. There does not appear to be any more rocks waiting to fall. Nevertheless anyone visiting the cave is advised to exercise caution, and stay to the right when entering the cave via the main entrance. There are plans in place to move the fallen rock to a more convenient location.

Source: CSCC News