Volunteers wanted for surface work at Thrupe Lane Swallet, Mendip!

Clearing debris at Thrupe Lane Swallet. Photo by courtesy of Dave King.

ATLAS (the Association of Thrupe Lane Advanced Speleologists) are planning a maintenance session at Thrupe Lane Swallet and are keen to get some help. You can also have a barbecue and catch up with friends as well!

ATLAS invites you to a BBQ – well sort of – we are planning to carry out some maintenance and clearing work at Thrupe Lane Swallet on both Sunday 29th and Monday 30th August from 10am onwards and are asking for volunteers to assist.

ATLAS have a long standing connection with Thrupe Lane Swallet having dug it open back in the ’70’s and more recently having opened Hobnail Hole and connected it with Upper Butts’ Chamber, both making an excellent through trip and giving an option to divert the stream away from the Thrupe entrance via the Hobnail Channel.

Owing to the more extreme weather conditions that we are experiencing and with the stream no longer flowing under the road, more debris, silts and gravel, gets washed down stream filling the Hobnail Channel and blocking the Thrupe entrance gate. Both of these need clearing.

We are planning to have a BBQ smouldering away such that you can bring and cremate your own fodder and a chance to catch up with old and perhaps new friends. We will probably rig the Thrupe entrance pitch, Perseverance Pot and a ladder into/out of King Cobble Hall to enable through trips. As well as food, wheelbarrows, shovels, spades, wellies would also prove useful. If you can assist on either or both days, although not critical, it would be handy to have an idea of numbers, so drop me a message.

Thanks in advance,

Dave King, ATLAS.