Access to Fairy Cave Quarry

Damaged fencing around the perimeter of Fairy Cave Quarry, Photo courtesy of Dave King.

The Fairy Cave Quarry management team have asked us to post the following:

A reminder to anyone visiting Fairy Cave Quarry.

Hobbs the quarry owners have only granted permission for access to the quarry for caving and climbing.

It is imperative that entry is via the main gate which has a combination padlock.

The perimeter fence is currently undergoing major repairs, in part due to rotted post but also people climbing over and/or cutting/vandalizing the fence.

The fence contractors for Hobbs’ caught a climber walking around the outside of the quarry to access the top of climbs in the quarry by climbing over the fence. This is totally unacceptable and risks access to the quarry for climbers but potentially for cavers too.

The combination is available to bona fide cavers from caving clubs and Fairy Caves Management Committee. Climbers wishing to access the quarry for climbing are requested to contact BMC for the combination and BMC will log their contact details such that they can be informed when the combination changes. There have been instances when non caver/climbers have accessed the quarry having been told the combination by a climber or caver. If anyone should ask for the combination and you cannot verify they are a bona fide caver the combination shouldn’t be given. A climber asking for the combination should be directed to the BMC.

Dave King

Fairy Caves Management Committee 11th November 2022