Club Journals Online

The club journals below are now available online and provide a fantastic resource for cavers, and not just in the UK as many contain articles about trips elsewhere in the World.

In some cases non-members will find that the latest publications are not uploaded for open view until about a year after publication, obviously the members get to see them first, but also in each of these cases, there is no need to ‘log-on’ or ‘register’ on the site, the contents are there at the click of a mouse.

BEC – available twelve months after publication

Kendal Caving Club

Oxford University Caving Club

Shropshire Caving and Mining Club

South Wales Caving Club

UBSS – available twelve months after publication

Wealden Cave & Mine Society – currently offline. Please enquire via WCMS contact page.

Wessex Cave Club – available twelve months after publication

Yorkshire Ramblers Club

We would be delighted to hear from other clubs and societies who have made their journals freely available and will happily add more links to this page.