BCA AGM – a letter from the chair

The BCA AGM is fast approaching and acting Chair Phil Rowsell has written to all members encouraging participation in the first online AGM.

Dear BCA Members,

I am writing to you today to inform you (if you don’t already know) that the BCA 2020 AGM will take place on Sunday 11th October from 10.30 am on Zoom. I would really encourage your participation. We need cavers to engage with the decisions the BCA make as they are for your benefit. Far too many cavers do not want to engage and only criticise from the side lines. I have to say from previous recent history, I can sympathise, however the BCA is now changing and the BCA want you to engage and hear your views of what the BCA should be doing for you!!!

Running of the AGM

This is the first time the BCA has held a virtual AGM and while we think we have covered all the complexities, please go easy on us if technology lets us down or things aren’t quite as smooth as usual ;-).

The BCA Council have agreed that there will be a maximum of 100 active participants for this Zoom AGM, and that applications to participate will be made on a first-come first-served basis. To apply, please follow the link to the registration form.

As spaces are limited, please only apply to participate if you wish to speak, otherwise please watch the live-stream.

The BCA AGM will also be live streamed to the BCA Facebook Page where anyone can watch it.

In an attempt to reduce the length of the AGM, the following was decided at the last BCA council;

1)   Candidates up for election will be given the chance to speak for approx. 1 min with the possibility of a few questions afterward.

2)   Proposals, the proposer will be allowed to speak for 1 min on their proposal, followed by questions and some debate. No amendments or new proposals from the floor will be accepted. The BCA are also trying to encourage some pre-debates via its own forum and other platforms.

3)   Motions from the floor can be proposed, but accepted at the discretion of the Chair, which may or may not involve rudimentary online polling at the AGM.

Voting (i.e. on candidates and proposals) will be open to the entire membership electronically afterwards. This will be open for 20 days from Monday 12th October 00:01 to Sunday 31st October 23:59, results to be announced on the 4th November.

IMPORTANT INFO about your VOTE: It is paramount that your current email address is held by the BCA Membership Administrator so that you can receive your email detailing how to vote. You should receive this by Sunday 11th October. If you do not receive this email please contact [email protected]

N.B. If you wish to update your email address in advance of this please contact the BCA Membership Administrator at [email protected].

I really hope you will take the time to participate in the AGM, but also of great importance is to cast your vote on the candidates and proposals as your opinion counts. Please don’t be one of those who only moan or take potshots from the sideline, step up to the plate and engage (just like I have) and help the BCA move forward.

The Executive believe we are doing the right things and driving the BCA where we think it needs it to go. Having a strong mandate by our members encourages us to continue with this change and roller coaster journey.

If you don’t like the changes we are implementing then please say so.

Please take the time to vote!

Finally, the BCA are just about to launch our new, modern and engaging website, which our IT working group have been working flat out to produce. This is a great step forward and deserves a huge round of applause for their efforts. A further announcement will be made, in a few days 😉

Look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Phil Rowsell
Acting BCA Chair