BCRA Newsletter and AGM details




In this newsletter: online event, Connecting with Cave Research – Advice for Student Researchers,  BCRA Review 2019 available for pre-order now, and details of the Annual General Meeting.

Connecting with Cave Research – Advice for Student Researchers

ONLINE WEBINAR: Monday 19 October, 19:00 to 21:30 BST This is an online webinar, hosted via Zoom, aimed at students in higher education who would like to become more involved in cave research. To sign up, please follow this link.

BCRA Review 2019: pre-order now

Work is underway in producing our 2019 Review. This will be available online, and we send paper copies to those of our member clubs who opt to receive C&KS on paper, and to our journal exchange partners world-wide.

If anyone else would like a paper copy, you need to let us know in advance, because this is a print-on-demand item and, apart from a handful for stock, we will only print as many as we need.

Pre-order BCRA Review 2019 here. The cost is GBP 6.25 plus GBP 1.50 postage. BCRA members, quoting their online access code, can obtain a 20% discount on the cost of the journal. Even if you wish to pay by cheque, please complete an online order form first.

Annual General Meeting

The BCRA AGM will be on 14 November at midday during the annual Cave Science Meeting which, this year, is an online ‘webinar’ hosted via Zoom. Any member wishing to attend the AGM is advised to familiarise themself with Zoom in advance, and to check the latest arrangements, which will be posted, in advance, to our Facebook page and to the BCRA News Forum.

The deadline for agenda items is FOUR weeks before the date of the meeting, i.e. Saturday 17 October. A draft AGM Agenda is now online. The final version of the agenda papers will be placed online 21 days before the date of the AGM, i.e. by Saturday 24 October 2020.

David Gibson, BCRA Secretary