Book Launch: Buy your favourite caver a great seasonal gift!

The Mendip Cave Registry and archive (MCRA) is pleased to announce that the third volume of Somerset Underground will be officially launched at the Hunters’ Lodge Inn, Priddy, Somerset, on December 10th 2022, starting at around 7.30pm.

This is the third in a series of impeccably researched guides written by Rob Taviner to the caves and mines of Somerset contains details of almost 500 natural caves, mines, sinks, risings, springs, holy wells and artificial underground sites in Central and South Mendip, encompassing the major catchment areas of the Cheddar Risings and Wookey Hole.

The book is a stitched, flexibound, full-colour production especially designed for use in the field. Price £10 (plus £2.50 p&p). Postal sales will be available shortly after the launch via the MCRA website.

The two earlier books in the series (Volume 1 covering Bristol, Broadfield Down, The Bristol Channel & West Somerset and Volume 2 covering West Mendip, Burrington & North Mendip.) recently won the prestigious Tratman Award for the best caving publication in 2020.