Boulder troubles on Mendip and a collapsing traverse in the Dales

Two reports of instability in caves have reached us.

Dave King has sent the following message re Hobnail Hole. “Hobnail Hole is temporarily closed due to a very unstable boulder in Black Pot. Please do not use Hobnail hole as a route into or out of Butts’ Chamber in Thrupe Lane Swallet until further notice.”

And Matt Ewles of CNCC writes.

“In 2017 there was a substantial collapse of the traverse around the top of Mud Hall, Gaping Gill. We have received news on 27th January 2020 that there has been a further smaller collapse partially blocking the traverse. Although remedial work is planned for Spring, this second collapse emphasises the extreme importance for care and attention if crossing around the top of Mud Hall. We recommend total avoidance at least for a few weeks while things settle.”

We will bring you further updates as and when available.