British Caving Association: Statement on constitutional ballot

We have been asked by Matt Ewles, the BCA Secretary to publish the following statement from BCA Council:

To all BCA members:

At the 9th June BCA AGM a motion was submitted which proposed changes to our constitution. This motion was passed at the meeting, and so BCA procedure requires this to now be put to a ballot of all members.

In this ballot, all Group Members (including clubs and constituent bodies) will have one vote in the ‘House of Groups’ and all Individual Members (including CIMs and DIMs) will have one vote in the ‘House of Individuals’. Both ‘Houses’ must achieve 70% support for the motion to pass.

The full proposal, including the exact details of the proposed constitutional amendments can be found here (appendix 9, page 28 onwards). The discussion/vote on this from the AGM itself can be found here (26.2, page 19 onwards).

The ballot will commence mid-October (exact date TBC). This timing has been chosen partly based on availability of key BCA volunteers, but also to coincide with when student clubs and expeditions are mostly back in the UK, to try to maximise participation. The closing date will be midnight on the 30th November 2019. We expect to be able to announce the result no later than the 11th January BCA Council meeting (and maybe much earlier if postal returns are relatively few).

If the BCA has your email address you will receive your ballot by email which will contain a unique ‘voting token’ to use with our simple and intuitive online system. This may go to your junk/spam folder so please remember to check there. If you are not sure if the BCA has your email address, you can check by requesting a login for BCA Online.

If the BCA does not have your email address you will receive your ballot by post. You can still use the ‘token’ provided to vote via the online system, however, postal returns will also be accepted. It is your responsibility to ensure the BCA has your up-to-date contact details. If you believe your details to have changed since last membership renewal, or if you wish to provide the BCA with your email address (to save us the not inconsiderable cost and effort of postage) then please email [email protected] More news will follow in due course.

British Caving Association