Coming soon in Decent 273 – why some cave tourists got an eyeful!

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In the upcoming issue, the first of a two-part article by Gina Moseley and Chris Blakeley heads over to Greenland for a series of expeditions examining the science encapsulated in its frozen caves.

Closer to home, access to the caves of Northern England has been undergoing a series of changes – Matt Ewles covers the background to this and the current status of access in the region. Talking of changes, there’s been plenty of that in evidence over the years. The UBSS has been conducting an oral history project to record some of its members, and it’s documenting some interesting memories.

Sadly, the caving community has lost two of its dynamic characters: Simon Halliday and Chas Yonge. Their friends pay tribute to two lives spent underground.

On the cave rescue front, the British Cave Rescue Council has collated data about all the cave rescues of the year – it makes interesting reading and might help us learn what not to do. And speaking of which, Write it Down! is bound to amuse. Jim had swum naked across a pool in an easy-to-enter cave to see what was on the far side. Then a family of tourists wandered in …

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