COVID-19 Crisis – What’s closed or cancelled?

SWCC Headquarters, South Wales

UPDATED 3rd April 2020

With the rapidly developing situation and the instructions issued by the Government now being enforced by civil authorities, anyone visiting caves or caving regions will almost certainly be breaching those rules. Consequently, it is reasonable to assume that no responsible caver will be planning to visit a cave or a caving hut until this crisis is over and the restrictions are lifted.
The details below remain in place – when we are able to resume caving again, we will update the details as we learn of places re-opening.

In the light of the current COVID-19 crisis, we are collating information on caving accommodation in the UK, cave access, and events organised by cavers. We invite all of you to contact us with any more useful information for fellow cavers, and to let us know if anything needs to be corrected or updated.

Please check back here regularly, particularly as the crisis lessens, and we are slowly able to get back to doing what we enjoy the most!
The following information is published in good faith, and is believed to be true, but you should check with the relevant organisations before making or changing your plans. Further information to follow…
Bristol Exploration Club – The Belfry is closed
Cerberus Speleological Society – Cottage is now closed
Chelsea Speleological Society – Whitewalls is now closed.
Craven Pothole Club – cottages in Horton are closed.
Grampian Speleological Group – cottage is closed.
Mendip Caving Group – cottage is closed.
Northern Pennine Club – cottage is closed.
Orpheus Caving Club – has closed their Cottage to all members, guests and visiting groups immediately and for the foreseeable future.
Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club – Bullpot Farm – closed to non-members for the next few months
Shepton Mallett Caving Club – closed until further notice.
South Wales Caving Club – closed from March 22nd until further notice for both members and guests.
Technical Speleo Group – TSG’s Chapel Works in Castleton will be closing temporarily from Monday 23rd March for a period of 14 days as a response to the Covid-19 outbreak, after which time the situation will be reviewed.
Wealdon  – Hut closed until further notice
Wessex Cave Club – in line with the current advice from government concerning Covid-19, the Wessex Cave Club Headquarters, Upper Pitts, is not accepting visiting groups until further notice.
No access is possible to Ogof Ffynnon Ddu or Tunnel Cave beyond March 22nd.
St Cuthbert’s Swallet has been closed.
Bookings for the Peak / Speedwell system have been cancelled. This includes access via JH and Titan.
Peak Cavern and Speedwell Cavern showcaves are also closed.
Fairy Cave Quarry and its car-park closed to all activities, caving and climbing.
The farmer at High Birkwith farm has asked that no one visit the caves of Birkwith, Calf Holes, Browgill, etc. during the Corona Virus outbreak. I doubt many of you are thinking of caving at this time anyway. Please abide by his wishes as we do not want to jeopardise future access. We are expecting normal access to these caves to be resumed once the crisis is over.
BCRA field trips – CREG and CAG have postponed their two field meetings. Also, BCRA’s Google Calendar shows the two SIG meetings as postponed.
Cambrian Caving Council – training events are cancelled.
CaveFestUK – the August festival has been cancelled.
The Inglesport caving shop in Ingleton is closed for on the premises purchases and enquiries, however, online sales continue. Please support Inglesport and other caving equipment suppliers during these challenging times. Maybe this is a good time to go through your kit and replace items that are worn out or too old.
The Hunter’s Lodge inn at Priddy, Mendip, is closed.
The following statement was published by the British Caving Library on 20th March 2020:
During the coronavirus outbreak, for the moment the British Caving Library, near Buxton, will still be dealing with queries received by email or phone to the usual contacts. However we cannot accept visitors to the Library at present. This is, of course, subject to any further government rulings on travel to workplace by personal transport, etc.
Thank you to everyone who has contacted us with information.