Descent 254 Coming Soon!

Coming soon – Descent 254

The latest edition of the caving magazine Descent will be soon be available! Have you remembered to renew your subscription? If not, get in quick so you don’t miss out on the latest caving and mining news.

The forthcoming issue will be packed with articles and reports including the story of the discovery by White Rose cavers of Hagg Beck Sink, as well as an article on the allure of digging. Well, who wouldn’t want to get cold, wet and muddy in pursuit of the holy grail for all cavers, the excitement of entering new passage? There’s an account of the latest deep shaft discoveries, including the story of how one was photographed and its impact on world depth rankings.

Take a visit to France’s latest major tourist attraction. Millions of euros have been put to good use on a new and outstanding replica of Lascaux, perhaps the world’s most famous painted cave. Lascaux IV, near the town of Montignac in the Dordogne, opened its doors to visitors in December.

On the cave science front, learn about formations under the Mendips that indicate a chilly past. There’s a poetic nod to what a photographic trip is all about, and a farewell story to the indomitable Chester, as well as some more memories of the successful EuroSpeleo. A new caption competition kicks off and a great piece explaining how Sylvester Pot came to receive its name.

Descent is fabulous value for money or less than the price of a couple of pints of beer per issue, you can have the magazine land on your doormat six times as year! We make no secret of the fact that those of us on the Darkness Below team think it’s a great news resource. We’ll be bringing you a full report on the issue as soon as it hits our mats, but in the meantime, we hope the above is enough to whet your appetite and send you over to Wildplaces Publishing subscriptions page to ensure yours is up to date!