Descent 274 coming soon with surveying, science and more!

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Discussions over two similar knots led Bob Mehew to run some tests. To find out which one turned out to be the safer for cavers to use you’ll need to arm yourselves with Descent 274.

With two science-based expeditions to Greenland in 2015 and 2018 completed, a major trip in 2019 brought further success. There’s still a lot more to discover about the calcite of the region. Also on the cave science front, some interesting data relating to the pandemic and how it affects caves has been emerging from the newly renamed British Cave Science Centre at Poole’s Cavern.

From expeditions, exploring and digging to supporting British caving behind the scenes, Dave Checkley was always busy; his friends pay tribute.

If you find it, you should survey it, but not all cavers give much thought to the copyright implications of this popular activity. A statement of copyright on a cave survey implies that legalities are involved, this is a complex area. Andrew Atkinson has attempted to shed some light on how this might affect cavers.

Cave photographs are often taken on mobile phones, but the quality is not always high. Dave Bunnell has investigated a significant new option.

Many of us might yearn to own our own cave, and for some it can become a reality. For Simon Brooks, it meant he also had to buy a quarry!

In Write it Down! Nick Chipchase’s reminiscences of caving in the 1960s serves to remind us not only of days long gone, but also how techniques have changed.

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