Descent 281 is coming soon with breakthroughs, warning signs, goon suits and more!


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In the next issue there’ll be more on the breakthrough in Mayday Hole, with Frank Pearson reporting on how the dig broke through to reveal more pitches. And you can read about how another ‘quick look’ elsewhere led to a new dig and more discoveries. So the moral of the story is never stop looking and certainly never stop digging!

A collection of historic photographs by the talented photographer Peter Binns has been added to BCRA’s Online Archive.

The UK hasn’t exactly enjoyed much settled weather this summer and for many, a caver’s worst nightmare is an unexpected flood that rages while you are underground. Dave Baines covers the warning signs that all cavers should respect.

In days gone by, caving kit was nowhere near as sophisticated as today’s gear. Ken Dawes looks back at the equipment and techniques once commonplace as used by friends, including the famous – or do we mean infamous? – goon suits.

Projects that create through-trips or round-trips seem to always attract attention and occasionally cause a degree of controversy. In this issue, Dave Ramsay wonders if there was a point to the dig in Pippikin Pot or whether this really was a ‘pointless’ connection.

Before SRT, all pitches were climbed using ladders. Take a look at the evidence that the lifelines left behind. Stal, one of the reasons many people do caving can also suffer caver-related damage, by carelessness or vandalism. Often it is broken and ought to be repaired. Mike Mansur takes a look at the logistics of a repair project….

It’s competition time! To become the new and proud owner of a Petzl Boreo caving helmet all you have to do is find three answers tucked away in this issue. Have fun!

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