Descent 282 coming soon … with bolting, pushing, a special centenary and more!

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In Mendip news, someone rebolted the righthand route in Rhino Rift without permission and left it in an unsafe condition. Remedial action was urgently required for both safety and conservation reasons.

Some cavers might consider undertaking 250 trips into the same cave would become monotonous and tedious, but not so Paul Taylor, who is still working in Otter Hole.

Pushing the world’s deepest systems requires determination and planning, but the challenge was on to link two major caves in a remote part of Uzbekistan, as an article on exploring Boybulog demonstrates.

If you entered the last Descent competition, you can learn the answers to the three questions required to win a Petzl Boreo caving helmet and find out who collected the prize.

Martin Mills thought that the number of high-quality caving books being published was on the increase, so he checked up on the facts. Learn what he found out!

The pandemic didn’t mean that caving had to cease entirely, but it did suggest other challenges. Have you ever considered caving in the Dales – or anywhere else – only using a bicycle for transport? It certainly used to happen, and maybe it’s time for a return to more traditional means of transport. See what you think …

Swildon’s Hole on the Mendips is an incredibly popular cave for novices and experienced cavers alike. It’s 100 years since Barnes’ Loop and Sump 1 were discovered. Learn more about the early days of discovery in this Mendip classic cave.

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