Descent 284 coming soon, with an extra eight pages on the OFD rescue

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Very few cavers can have been unaware of the serious accident in the Smithy area of Ogof Ffynnon Ddu in South Wales that led to a massive rescue involving hundreds of cavers. The rescue created a media storm, some of it of dubious accuracy. Here you can read the story of the rescue written by cavers for cavers in a major feature that runs to a whopping eight extra pages. The feature is the biggest ever rescue coverage in the magazine, written from the perspective of rescue control, rescuers doing different jobs, and from the injured cavers.

Also in Wales there’s the story of a cave diving push through Pwll-y-Cwm into Daren Cilau. Further north, Lancaster Hole was first entered 75 years ago, so it’s time to undertake a commemorative through-trip. And there are more memories to be explored, with one caver talking about how caving changed his life.

Three people died during a guided adventure tour into a Panamanian cave. The possible causes of this tragedy are explored.

If you were puzzled by our puzzle or in a quandary over our questions in the last edition of Descent you can catch up with the answers and find out if you’re one of the winners. And talking of winning, the BCA’s campaign to gain the right to go caving on open access land has achieved a significant advance.

In a conflict between cave conservation versus quarrying there are generally no prizes for guessing who usually wins. Here, Ray Deasy documents a historically important conflict in Australia, with a fight to save caves and bat habitats from corporate destruction. Also, there’s a new take from down under on how caves might be explored.

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