Descent 286 coming soon, with bones, big stuff and more …

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With summer a-coming in, everyone’s thoughts are turning to the great outdoors. British cavers have long discussed, argued and campaigned about caving as a right under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act, but for the moment, the saga has paused. This issue covers the background to the campaign and has the latest update on the judicial review taken against the Welsh Government.

Sistem Migovec in Slovenia continues to fascinate Imperial College cavers, who are now heading to the depths of Dante’s Inferno. In Spain, Big was recently discovered in Matienzo, as we learned in the previous issue … Now things have gone Bigger with some major extensions, yet again.

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, or so we’re told, but in the Write it Down! spot, Deej Lowe remembers the Pen-y-ghent Stores and Cafe and transports us back to a different era of community caving.

When is a cave not a cave? The Peak District has more than just limestone caves, it also contains Ess-houses, once hovels for the poor and tourist attractions alike. Just don’t anyone tell our current government, or they might try to use them to solve the country’s housing crisis.

Devon is an area rich in archaeological finds, where the search for bones has a long, long history. The recent discoveries in Sherford Cave have prompted a resume of bone caves in the county, so join us in a rousing chorus of dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones!

If you want to get out of the sun and slob out with a drink, there’s a treat in store and plenty to watch as Sid Perou, one of the caving world’s best loved filmmakers, has just released Call-out, a series of four new films by him and in addition, there’s an IMAX film, Ancient Caves, out as well.

There’s a chance to win a big, big prize in this issue – a flagship headlight from Petzl – with the return of the ever-popular caption competition!

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