Descent 291: out soon!

With 2023 well underway, you will soon be receiving your next copy of Descent in the post. That is, of course, if you have taken out a subscription. If you haven’t, go to the link at the end of this article and set one up!

In this issue:

Regional highlights include: the survey of the Fenagh-Badger connection, as reported in issue 289; some new finds in the Peak District’s Intake Dale Mine; and the unmasking of some mystery diggers in Northumberland.

In the second part of “The Geometry of Deep Space”, Frank Pearson continues his description of the exploration of Five Ways Pot in the Yorkshire Dales, a site where the digging work has certainly paid off.

Having written in Descent about bats back in issue 187, Professor John Altringham now gives us an informative summary of his decades-long work studying bats underground in the north.

Tin Mine Adventures: The underworld has a way of luring us in, as outdoor writer Julia Goodfellow-Smith found out on a recent trip to Cornwall. Julia Goodfellow-Smith is author of the bestseller Live Your Bucket List.

The British Cave Rescue Council collates all cave rescue incidents each year. In this issue we can read a summary of all the data from last year’s surface and underground incidents involving cave rescue teams in Britain and Ireland.

A recent caving trip to South Wales for several families is described by Katie Dent, with input from some of the children involved. This youthful perspective on caving includes short trip reports from cavers aged between 5 and 9, and an illustrated trip report by Hazel aged 6.

Clive Gardener continues his obituary for Bruce Leonard Bedford, the founder of Descent magazine, in “Celebration of a Life, Part Two”

In the regular “Write it Down!” feature, David Gill has a tale from the past, about a surreptitious visit to an underground bunker and having to think quickly when an eternal flame is extinguished.

Each issue of Descent has two carefully selected photos on the covers, and this issue uses the excellent work of Craig Holdstock and Jerry Wooldridge.

Descent continues to be the best national outlet for caving news, so head over to the subscriptions page on their website and guarantee yourself the best read in British caving.