Descent 292 due in the coming days

Keeping to the promised schedule, the next issue of Descent magazine is out shortly. If you haven’t got a subscription, go to the link at the end of this article and set one up!

In issue 292:

A Return to the Deepest Cave in Thailand
Andy Goddard, Martin Ellis, Paul Dummer and Mike Thomas tell us about a major recent expedition to Thailand.

Into the Mulespinner
Teams Average and Awesome have been rewarded for their digging in Bagshawe Cavern, as Dave Cowley reports.

The Making of ‘A Crack in the Mountain’
Does this new film, for cinema release, portray caving in a positive light? Alastair Evans tells us how it came about.

Northern Explorers Meet Again
Four years after the first forum, Frank Pearson reports on the return of this day of inspiring talks.

Great Sporting Trips of the World: the Cueto-Coventosa Through Trip
Chris Scaife gives an account of one of northern Spain’s classic sporting challenges.

Photographing Ingleborough Cave
Harry Long has been visiting Ingleborough Cave since 1960, and he now shares some of his best photos both in and beyond the showcave.

Troglomonks in the Sky
Pete Ryder tells us about a subterranean abbey in the French region of Provence.

A Journey to the Roots of Nagaland
An international expedition to a mountainous region of India is described by Thomas Arbenz.

A Tale of Three Pots
The Black Sheep Diggers have been active in Nidderdale for years, and here Chris Fox reports on recent developments.

SpeleoFoto Contest Winners
We present the winning photos in each category from this year’s SpeleoFoto Contest.

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