Descent 293 due out soon

The next issue of Descent magazine is due out on August 5th. If you haven’t got a subscription, go to the link at the end of this article and set one up! It is also possible to pre-order individual copies of the magazine on the Descent Magazine website.

In issue 293:

Adventures in Macro Photography
Dave Watts has been taking highly detailed photographs of straws in Hunters Lodge Inn Sink
and here he explains the processes involved, as well as sharing some of his best pictures.

Not So Hopeless Hole
A few years ago, Hopeless Hole on Portland, Dorset, was known as just a small phreatic
tube. Now though, following much determined digging, as told by Tim Rose, the hole has proved to be anything but hopeless.

Exploring the Loser Augst-Eck Plateau
Cambridge University cavers have been visiting a huge expanse of karst in Austria since the 1970s but, as this article by Becka Lawson demonstrates, their expedition is a
thoroughly modern one.

Enter Team Awesome
Hartle Dale Bottom Mine in the Peak District had been visited numerous times in the past, but had lain dormant for the last 15 years. Jon Pemberton writes about recent
developments – another fascinating chapter in the Team Awesome saga.

Life Expectancy of SRT Rope
Bob Mehew shares the results of his experiments to test the dynamic drop capacity of caving rope.

Goodbye, Guy Meauxsoone
The colourful life of the Belgian caver and film maker is told by Sid Perou.

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