Earby Pothole Club on bikes for charity!

Earby Pothole Club join Charity Bike Ride

September 30th will see members of the Earby Pothole Club joining friends to raise money for the Preston based Specialist Mobility Rehabilation Centre (SMRC) in a ride that starts in Preston, stopping overnight in Clapham in Yorkshire before returning the following day.

SMRC is part of Lancashire NHS and donations will go to a trust fund the centre operates which allows it to purchase equipment for child and adult amputees which would not otherwise be available within the NHS.

The ride has been organised by Tom Banks, as a way of thanking the staff at the centre for all the support he received after losing his leg in an accident a few years ago. It’s a credit to the work of the centre that Tom is aiming to complete the two day ride himself!

Earby members Sue Morton, Simon Latimer, John Beevers and Tony Brocklebank will be joining the ride, with two members starting from Preston and two from Clapham, and have also helped in planning the route and arranging overnight accommodation, which has been generously provided at a much reduced rate by Clapham Cafe, Bunk and Bar where everyone is welcome to join the team early on the Saturday evening for a few celebratory (half way) drinks. And yes, that does include those of you who just want a laugh at a Darkness Below editor stumbling into a bar wearing lycra!

Donations are being accepted both online and off line, and with offline donations already exceeding £1000 a big thanks to everyone who has already donated. If you haven’t and would like to help you can donate at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/tom-banks?utm_id=107&utm_term=kgyk8dn5Q

Of course you can also help by liking and sharing this story on social media if you have a few seconds to spare!