Event: Expedition to the Deepest Cave in Bulgaria

If you’re at a loose end from the 4th of April – 15th of April 2018, the Pod Raba Caving Club are organising an expedition to Kolkina Dupka cave, the deepest in Bulgaria, and one of the longest. The camp is located just outside of Zimevista village, some 50km away from Sofia, Bulgaria, and anyone who wants to join the expedition is more than welcome.

The expedition objectives are:

  1. Transporting supplies to Camp 2 (Kaloyan)
  2. Surveying
  3. Enlargement of the main access route and other key passages
  4. Installing a telephone wire from camp “Sun” (camp 1) and camp “Kaloyan” (camp 2)
  5. Photography
  6. Climbing vertical shafts
  7. Working at the area blocked by boulders located at -540 meters
  8. Surface exploration of the area
  9. Digging at potential new entrances inthe cave system – “Kravata”, “Teneketo” and others
  10. Gathering wood for the winter expeditions
  11. Overall improvement of the surface camp
  12. Conducting water tracing

Further details of the camp and the expedition can be found on the club’s website which gives contact details for further information and enrolment.