Event: NSS 75th Anniversary 2016

NSS 75th Anniversary 2016
NSS 75th Anniversary 2016

In what promises, along with Eurospeleo 2016, to be one of the biggest events of next year the 2016 National Speleological Society are holding their convention in Ely, Nevada from July 16th to July 23rd.

If you’re wondering where to spend your summer holidays next year what better place to start?

Quoting the NSS web site:

“While milestone events tend to focus on retrospectives, we also plan to gaze forward into the future of caving. Some of the sessions in development for the 2016 convention will speculate on where speleology may go over the next 75 years. Of course, we’ll also deliver the sessions that cavers have endorsed and come to expect at NSS conventions. Covering topics from geology to exploration to artistic presentations, the 2016 convention hopes to offer something for everyone in our wide family of cavers.”

You’ll find full details on the NSS website, along with a two minute video which has nothing to do with caving but might give you a few other good reasons to make the trip!


Lake Tahoe Nevada - what's not to like! Photo: Tony Brocklebank
Lake Tahoe Nevada – what’s not to like! Photo: Tony Brocklebank