Event: Symposium “To know and share caves and karst – understanding, conservation and geotourism”

The Grand Project – The Pont d’Arc Cavern – Syndicat Mixte is pleased to announce that the 1st Symposium “To know and share caves and karst – Understanding, conservation and geotourism” will be held in Ardèche (South of France) from March 6 – 9th, 2018.

Caves and karst are specific ecosystems that represent important environmental archives, meaningful geological and cultural heritage. They are truly relevant to understand a part of the Earth’s and humanity’s history. These environments are also fragile biological hotspots, and are essential parts of important and strategic groundwater resources.

Caves and karst can be used to promote rural cultures, based on natural products, genuine handicrafts, hidden cultural heritage, and can help in extending the tourist season.

The aim of this Symposium is to establish a discussion between scientists, local authority managers, NGOs and experts to share experiences and knowledge about cave and karst management.

The symposium will consist of three round tables with distinguished keynote speakers and a field trip in the Ardèche to observe and be immersed in karstic landscapes.

All information about the program is available here

Inquiries and registration at : [email protected]

Communications Advisor
Syndicat Mixte
Grand projet : the Pont-d’Arc Cavern