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It’s no secret at Darkness Below we think Descent is a fantastic news resource for cavers. Each issue is packed with all the latest information on the caving scene and the next issue is no exception…

Following the success of EuroSpeleo 2016, read about the week in August when cavers from all over the UK and August descended on the Yorkshire Dales and delved into some of the regions finest caves. Don’t miss a photo-filled extravaganza and a great event write up. Also in the north, many cavers will know the access to Boreham Cave was lost for many years, but it is now once more revealing some of its incredible sights and secrets. This article will showcase surveys and images from the cave.

If you’re interested in cave photography, you can find out more about what pioneering photographer Charles Waldack had to put up with in Mammoth cave in the US in 1866. And Dave Gill remembers the year of 1982, when Sid Perou was shooting a caving film in Mexico.

Are there any Bible readers amongst us? If there are, they’ll know it’s full of references to caves, but getting to explore them isn’t easy. But cavers aren’t easily daunted in pursuit of a lead and despite difficulties with authority, it seems like where there’s a will there’s a way. The cave life of Matienzo is being documented in an ongoing biological project.

On a sadder note, we have had to say farewell to talented friend, caver and photographer Paul Dold, a man with an infectious and wicked smile who was an inspiration to many.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again – Descent is great value for money and deserves the support of as many cavers as possible. Subscribe now and the latest edition – even bigger and better than usual, with an extra eight pages – will be with you very soon!

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Here’s a quick summary of what’s coming up in Descent 253

Hidden Earth on Steroids
For a week in August cavers descended on and into the caves of the Yorkshire Dales: it was time to get down and dirty for EuroSpeleo 2016.

A major feature showcasing images of Boreham cave, notes on how they were taken and including a survey

Caving in Israel
How the authorities can make a cavers life difficult!

Cave Science
Life in Matienzo
The cave life of Matienzo is being documented in an ongoing biological project.

Write it Down!
The Curse of Borovitz
Dave Gill remembers the year of 1982, when Sid Perou was shooting a caving film in Mexico.

Mammoth Cave Views. No 27, Scotchman's Trap, Charles Waldack, 1866
Mammoth Cave Views. No 27, Scotchman’s Trap, Charles Waldack, 1866

The Mammoth Photographer
Cave photographers have never had it so good – take a look at what was required in 1866.

Caption Competition
Valvasor’s Speleothems
Our latest Caption Competition is drawing to a close: don’t forget to enter!