Hidden Earth 2018 video salon

Making videos underground is becoming easier with very compact and versatile equipment within many cavers’ budgets, but making GOOD videos is still as much a challenge as it always was. Andy Freem has provided us with a summary of the entries into the video salon competition at Hidden Earth 2018, and most of them are available on the internet, and can be viewed here. So grab yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy.

The nine video salon entries all had some good qualities and the three independent and very experienced cameramen / film-maker judges, namely Paul Taylor, Sid Perou and Rob Franklin, indicated that every entry had some potential. A numerical points system of judging was used to differentiate where there were conflicting recommendations. Feedback was also provided by them to both clarify the outcomes and provide pointers for improvement in future submissions.

The nine entries, and the awards were as follows:

Overall Winner: Down and Dirty in Craig a Ffynnon – Antonia and Andy Freem

The Salon was better publicised this year, with the final session of the conference including a compilation of 30 second trailers of each of the entries. This will be something that will be repeated next year. The arrival of a number of new skilled videographers was very welcome and it was felt that next year’s salon could be an impressive event, particularly as the Frazer Simpson award will be available for innovation in filming, in addition to the current prizes and awards.

Delegates’ Voting Winner: The Oreo Dream – Josh White

Distinction for Cinematography: Seeking Darkness – Tom Booth

Merit for Technical Filming: OFD2 The Trident – Adrian Turner

Merit for Original Music: World of Caving – Keith Edwards

Other salon entries:

Keith’s Cavers – Keith Edwards

Honey Creek Cave – Peter Glanvill

Two days by the Sea – Peter Glanvill

No video available at present.

Three Years of Exploration in Ogof Marros – Antonia and Andy Freem

Correspondent: Andy Freem.