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Here we go with our latest round-up of news and views from around the world. If you see anything you think we might have missed, do drop us a line. Many thanks to Herman de Swart for his continued support sending in links!

Cave Art

Ancient Origins: Ancient Cave Found in Egypt with Unique Predynastic Rock Carvings

Smithsonian Magazine: See Ancient Cave Art Found in Egypt’s Sinai Desert

The Siberian Times: Alfresco art gallery ‘shows woolly mammoths and rhinos depicted by our ancestors 15,000 years ago’

Scientific America: Signs of Modern Human Cognition Were Found in an Indonesian Cave

Atlas Obscura: Caves of Monte Castillo Puente Viesgo, Spain: The walls of these four caverns are filled with art that dates back to the earliest human presence in Europe.

Toutella Thailande: Des peintures rupestres découvertes dans l’ouest de la Thaïlande

EurekAlert!: Miniature rock art expands horizons

EurekAlert!: Doubts about the Nerja cave art having been done by neanderthals

New Scientist: An artist carved this tiny bird sculpture 13,000 years ago in China

EurekAlert!: Ancient bird figurine recovered from refuse heap the oldest instance of East Asian 3D art

World Archaeology: The bear necessities

Cave Archaeology

ABC News: New palaeontology dig at World Heritage-listed Naracoorte Caves sees PhD student living her dream

EurekAlert!: Neandertals were choosy about making bone tools

The North Coast Courier: Sibudu Cave to be declared a heritage site

Mexico News Daily: Scientists find evidence of fires built in Yucatán cave 10,000 years ago

EurekAlert!: The oldest Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens in Europe

New Scientist: Neanderthals may have learned jewellery-making from us

Earth-logs: More time for modern humans to have mingled with Neanderthals

Sci News: European Cave Bears Had Pure Herbivorous Diet

ABC News: Pilbara cave explosion on par with Palmyra – UNESCO Chair

EurekAlert!: On the hunt for megafauna in North America

PhysOrg: Cave divers search depths for the bones of the Ice Age

EurekAlert!: A Neandertal from Chagyrskaya Cave

PhysOrg: A Neandertal from Chagyrskaya Cave

Science Daily: A Neanderthal woman from Chagyrskaya Cave

Archaeology: Third Neanderthal Genome Sequenced

The Siberian Times: Neanderthal woman’s walk of love some 90,000 years ago between two caves 106 km apart

Monash University: In a South African cave, another piece in the puzzle of human evolution

EurekAlert! Naturally perforated shells one of the earliest adornments in the Middle Paleolithic

ArsTecnica: 120,000-year-old necklace tells of the origin of string

Gozmodo: 14,000-Year-Old Poop Found in Oregon Cave Turns Out to Be Human

EurekAlert!: Neanderthals of Western Mediterranean did not become extinct because of changes in climate

National Geographic: Surprise cave discoveries may double the time people lived in the Americas

Nature: Controversial cave discoveries suggest humans reached Americas much earlier than thought

Nature: Evidence grows that peopling of the Americas began more than 20,000 years ago

Nature: Tracing human mobility in central Europe during the Upper Paleolithic using sub-seasonally resolved Sr isotope records in ornaments

Cave Exploration

CBC: Why researchers believe one of Canada’s largest caves went undetected for so long

Mail Online: Daring scuba diver photographs breathtaking labyrinth of underwater caves beneath a Mexican riviera

Tehran Times: Natural cave discovered in north Iran

Good News Network: The Newly-Discovered Canadian Cave Big Enough to Fit the Statue of Liberty: What They’ve Found After 2 Years Study

VN Express: Discover giant sinkhole in Vietnam’s Phong Nha-Ke Bang cave system

Click 2 Houston: Texas caverns: Everything you need to know about the state’s private and public caves

Xinhuanet: Discover China: A French caver’s decades-long adventure in China

ABC: Floating though the dolines

Mine Exploration

Cornwall Live: Inside the deep underground tunnels that show off Cornwall’s rich past

AAAS: Underwater caves in Mexico preserve one of the world’s oldest ochre mines

National Geographic: 11,000-year-old mine in underwater cave surprises archaeologists

Cave Science

New Scientist: Bats can learn to copy sounds and it may teach us about human speech

EurekAlert!: Coronaviruses and bats have been evolving together for millions of years

Nature: Bats are a key source of human viruses — but they’re not special

EurekAlert! The cause of the red coloration in stalagmites

EurekAlert! Evidence of Late Pleistocene human colonization of isolated islands beyond Wallace’s Line

Atlas Obscura: Akiyoshido Cave: Approximately 300 million years ago, a massive coral reef existed in what is now the largest limestone cave in Japan.

Le Journal: Des empreintes de dinosaures dans une grotte de Lozère

Science Daily: Human-driven pollution alters the environment even underground

EurekAlert!: A lost world and extinct ecosystem

EurekAlert!: Eavesdropping crickets drop from the sky to evade capture by bats

Cordis, EU Research Results: Cave formations uncover hidden history of past climates

PhysOrg: Caves indicate that Australia’s mountains are still growing

EurekAlert!: Gene found that causes eyes to wither in cavefish

The Guardian: ‘Baby dragons’ go on display for the first time in Slovenia

Tehran Times: Iranian cave estimated to date over 63,000 years

PhysOrg: Novel species of fungi discovered on bat carcasses in the limestone caves of southwest China

Cave Rescue

Borneo Times Online: Mulu National Park Mount Cave Search and Rescue team launched today


BBC: India coronavirus lockdown: Broke tourists rescued from cave

Cherwell: Daunting, but rewarding: introducing Oxford’s caving scene From depths of 1.2km to expeditions across Europe, Thomas Lyne discusses a lesser-known Oxford sport with Rory Rose, Chair of the Oxford University Cave Club.

Atlas Obscura: Tham Piew Cave: A tangible and sobering reminder of an atrocity that took place during a secret war.

Military Times: Watch coalition aircraft pummeling ISIS cave complexes in Iraq

Insider: A diver swims through a sunbeam in the Cenote Taj Mahal in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Tehran Times: Discover how pinnacle of art, genius of ancient architects turned natural arch into full-fledged stronghold

The Impartial Reporter: Marble Arch Caves is still going strong after 35 years

Tehran Times: A taste of Jurassic world: Iran’s Katale-Khor cave on agenda to be a tourism hub

Total Slovenia News: Where to Go Caving in Slovenia

The Star: Need to conserve Batu Caves

Unilad: Stunning Photos Show Inside Of Rainbow-Coloured ‘Forgotten’ Sea Cave In Cornwall

One Zero: This Woman Inspired One of the First Hit Video Games by Mapping the World’s Longest Cave

IB4UD: The 10 best caves in Ireland, RANKED