In the news…

In a new feature for 2020, we’re now bringing you a round-up of some of the news and views from around the world. Where multiple similar reports exist, we’ve opted for what appears to be the most complete. If you see anything you think we might have missed, do drop us a line.

Cave Art

The Bradshaw Foundation: Ancient rock art destroyed by fire

National Geographic: Were the first artists mostly women?

New Scientist: 44000-year-old hunting scene is earliest painted ‘story’ ever found

The Guardian: ‘How humans were not centre stage’: ancient cave art puts us in our place.

Ancient Origins: Lascaux Cave and the Stunning Primordial Art of a Long Lost World.

The Daily Express: Researchers stunned by demonic detail discovered in Iraqi cave.

Cave Archaeology

The Vintage News: Mayan objects found in a Mexican cave.

Kera News: Sloth dung in a Texas cave gives a clue to an Ice Age past.

The Telegraph: Headless torso in Idaho cave identified as Wild West outlaw killed in 1916.

New Scientist: Earliest roasted root vegetables found in 170,000-year-old cave dirt.

Cave Science

Science Daily: Illumination drives bats out of caves.

Scientific American: Cave Arachnids’ Modern Range Matches Ancient Glacier Outline.

Cave Rescue

Shropshire Star: Thai cave rescue talk raises £3,000 for charity

DiverNet: British cave diver dies in Thailand.

The Jakarta Post: Three students found dead after getting stuck in cave in Karawang, West Java.

BBC News: Thai cave rescuer dies from year-long blood infection

The Clitheroe Advertiser and Times: Tributes to Clitheroe man found dead after getting trapped in diving expedition.


BBC news: Caver Vernon Unsworth loses his defamation case against Elon Musk.

Daily Mail: Elon Musk won’t sue British cave diver for court costs

National Geographic: The story of ‘The Cave’, an underground hospital in Syria, told in film.

BBC News: ‘Awe-inspiring’ cave discovered in Canada’s wilderness.

Iceland Review: Aim to Close 2,500-Year-Old Cave in North Iceland.