News: 10 Secret Historical Sites Beneath London

Have you ever wandered around the streets of London wondering what’s beneath your feet, or driven around the countryside nearby not even knowing you’re passing near a beautiful artificial cave? If so, check out this article in online magazine Heritage Daily.

Underground London 1
Photo courtesy of Markus Milligan

The crystal Grotto is a restored folly in Painshill Park, south west of London near Cobham. The folly dates back to 1760 and contains hundreds of thousands of crystals including calcite, gypsum, quartz, and fluorite which have been used to create an artificial cave.

Underground London 3
Photo courtesy of Markus Milligan

Opening times and admission details are given here, and do note that if you want to see the grotto, you’re advised to check first to ensure it is open as this depends on the availability of volunteer guides. Subject to this, the grotto is open between 1pm – 3pm on Saturday afternoons.

The cost of entry is £8 per adult. Dogs are allowed in the grounds but not in the follies or the grotto.


The rest of the article gives details of secret war room bunkers, catacombs, the Fleet Street Ossuary and Charnel House, Billingsgate Roman bathhouse, Guildhall East Crypt, the vaults under Pennington Street Warehouse, the crypt in All-Hallows-By-The Tower (overlooking the Tower of London), the Roman amphitheatre beneath the Guildhall and the cellar under the Palace of Whitehall.

With thanks to Markus Milligan of Heritage Daily for permission to reproduce these photos and link to the article.