News: A Golden Age of Cave Exploration

To celebrate 50 years of pioneering British cave exploration and scientific research, renowned explorers of the subterranean world will come together to share their discoveries and experiences during 4 days at the Royal Geographical Society, London.

Whiterock, Mulu, Borneo, Malaysia.
Photographer: Robbie Shone

The weekend starts this Friday, 1st December, with a series of public lectures by Frank Pearson who will talk on UK caves and the history of their exploration; Dick Willis on British International caving history; Howard Limbert on Vietnam and particularly Hang Soong Don and Gina Mosely who will talk on the history of British cave science. A pay bar will be available all evening.

On Saturday there will be an outstanding collection of 15-20 minute lectures covering British exploration and cave science at home and abroad; covering Yorkshire, the Peak District and Wales in the morning and Mulu, China, US, Africa, India, & Vietnam in the afternoon. On Sunday, there will be a similar series of 15-20 minute lectures, the morning ones covering caving and cave science from Mendip, Devon, Scotland, Ireland and the afternoon venturing across Europe, including  Austria, Spain, & Slovenia. The event closes on Monday with lectures open only to Royal Geographical Society Fellows from Tony Waltham, Tim Atkinson and Hazel Barton.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite or on the door but advance booking is recommended. Tickets for Saturday and Sunday are also available and can be booked in advance. Please direct all enquiries to [email protected]. There will be eight individual sessions each day on themes of science, cave exploration at home and abroad as well as general cave-related topics.