News: And the Winner is …

Congratulations to the Soggy Bottom Digging Team for their magnificent effort in Home Close Hole during the past year. They are worthy winners of the 7th Annual J-Rat digging award, for the most cave found – and surveyed – in the last year in Somerset or in Scotland. Their finds for the year totalled 309.21 m


7th J-Rat Digging Award
Attentive audience in the Hunters – photo courtesy of Chris Binding

As a bonus, they have also made the hoped-for connection with Young Bloods’ Inlet in Wigmore Swallet, enabling dry(ish) cavers to access the Wigmore 10 streamway and the bottom of the cave.

(Apparently an entry from someone who claimed to have ‘discovered’ loads of cave at a site called Wookey Hole, or something, was disallowed.)