News: BCA Ballot Result Announced


The BCA Chairman Andy Eavis has announced the ballot result today via the BCA’s Facebook page.

In summary all four proposals have been approved by the ballot of members.

Andy states that it had been planned to announce the results at the BCA council meeting on Saturday 7th October, however the executive decided it was sensible and right to pre-warn its members to give people time to consider the situation.

The statement goes on to say that the majority of votes were cast by email and whilst no figures are given for turnout the group vote was stated to be nearly 50%.

The statement breaks down the results as follows:

Proposal 1 – removing the first line of 4.6 from the constitution
Individual members voted 88% in favour, and group members voted 85% in favour.

Proposal 2 – adjusting the 2 house voting system
94% of individual members voted in favour, and 95% of group members.

Proposal 3 – reducing the emphasis on postal balloting
Individual members voted 96% in favour and group members 93%.

Proposal 4 – again, changing the emphasis to internet voting
Individual members voted 95% in favour and group members 93%.

A full report from the returning officers Pat and Rick Halliwell will follow.