News: BCA Publishes Minimal Impact Caving Guidelines

After several years of work by the Conservation & Access Committee, BCA has now published its Minimal Impact Caving Guidelines.


This takes the form of a clear, easy to read ten page booklet, with high-quality photos throughout to compliment the text. The new guidelines provide a step by step guide to how to go caving in a way that will allow our caves to be conserved for future generations.

The booklet includes guidelines for both general cave visits and original exploration. By following these simple step by step guidelines, we can all do our bit for cave conservation. It may seem like common sense, but sadly, that can be lacking a lot of the time and we’ve all seem the results of what happens when cavers don’t cave with consideration for their environment.

The publication has been endorsed by both BCRA and Natural England, and BCA’s C&A Officer, Andrew Hinde, says: “This publication is long overdue but I think we have got the balance right with clear and robust information on cavers responsibilities delivered in a reasonable tone.

I would like to thank everyone on the BCA Conservation and Access Committee who have worked on this project plus all those individuals who contacted me directly to make a valuable contribution.

As cavers we have a personal responsibility to conserve the caves we visit. Conservation is not just for pretty and well preserved caves. All caves deserve our respect, no matter how abused they may have been in the past.”

You can download a copy of the guidelines from HERE

Printed copies will be available in the Eurospeleo 2016 welcome pack.