News: CNCC Newsletter now available

The latest edition of the Council of Northern Caving Clubs’ Journal for January 2016 is now available.

CNCC news 2

The latest edition contains information on all aspects of CNCC business including the very welcome news that CNCC has secured some major funding from the Heritage Lottery fund, with the assistance of Natural England. In addition, CNCC is contributing around £4,000 of their own money to this project over the next four years. For this, CNCC are getting a contribution of £31,000 over that period. This will allow CNCC to tackle various clean-up and fencing projects that were previously beyond their means.

The newsletter also contains details of proposals to allow representation from non-club cavers on CNCC, as well as the appointment of Tim Allen as a CNCC access representative.

The newsletter also highlights that following December record floods several passages in Notts II have slumped, with Inlet Six and Three Quarters blocked, and a serious collapse at the base of Divers Pitch in Shuttleworth Pot (or Witches II for those who prefer the wet way in). The pitch landing is now very unstable, and reports elsewhere suggest the boulder pile is still moving

For these items and a detailed round up of access, bolting and training news, you can access the full newsletter online here