News: CSCC Locks are Changing

The Council of Southern Caving Clubs (CSCC) are changing the locks on all of the caves for which they administer access. The previously used locks are now no longer available and so a new lock has been sourced and a new stock of locks and keys obtained.

All member clubs are being issued with at least one new key and so far about half of the new keys have been supplied/collected. The changeover will start at the beginning of March and, given the number of sites involved, will take some time to complete. CSCC recommend, therefore, that cavers carry both the old and the new key with them until they are notified that the process is complete.

The entrance to Waterwheel Swallet.
Photo © Paul Stillman

A definitive list of the caves fitted with the standard lock has been compiled and is given below. The information on the CSCC website may not be as accurate or up to date.

The principal behind the CSCC system is to make the caves covered by this arrangement, as freely and easily accessible as possible. Some caves have particular access requirements which it is important to comply with in order to maintain free access, the CSCC Access Guide should be checked before making a visit.

For further information, updates, and availability of keys, etc contact Graham Price via email or by phone on 01749 840795 or 07977 290003.

Correspondent: Graham Price, CSCC.