News: Descent 251 Now Available

The latest edition of Descent is now available. Issue 251 is packed with news from around the regions at home and abroad, as well as a whole host of fascinating snippets of information, such as the fact that the blind cave-adapted fish, Astyanax mexicanus is helping with research into the treatment of psychiatric problems!

Longer articles include a feature on the Krypton extensions in Peak Cavern found as a result of digital survey work. A removable bolt route across the main rift led to a high, narrow passage not previously entered by modern cavers which contains a profusion of formations. The article contains a survey together with some stunning photos.

A four-page feature on the survey of Gaping Gill contains some equally impressive photos and an even larger scale, beautifully presented survey. For those interested in statistics, the work involved a total of 71 days underground! Abroad, eight pages are devoted to the most recent finds in Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico, describing the amazing gypsum-covered extensions in Neuland. For cave science enthusiasts there is an account of a major experiment using a flood pulse at Malham Rising.

Wildplaces Publishing has excelled themselves in this issue, particularly with the choice of exceptionally high quality photographs throughout. Copies can be obtained from them here.