News: Digfest is nearly upon us!

CSCC DigFest 2016

Ever fancied finding new cave? Now’s your chance. The diggers of Mendip will be opening their digs for you to visit and have a go.



Photography Workshop with Duncan Simey
Digger’s Question Time
Wessex Challenge (hosted by the BEC)

Friday June 3rd 2016

From 19:00, Hunter’s Lodge Inn, Mendip:-

Dig Matchmaker – catch up with the above people named below in the Hunters on Friday evening or before to find out more info

Sites confirmed include:
Longwood Valley Sink – Alison Moody: A long term prospect with excellent picnic facilities.

Grebe Swallet – Chris Binding: Apparently it is absolutely guaranteed to go. No ifs, buts or maybes …

Blakes Farm Depression – Graham Price: More holes than Swiss cheese on steroids.

Sludge Pit Hole – Mike Kushy: A great cave with a lot to do. They have specially requested someone good with building walls. Do you fit the bill?

Cutlers – Estelle Sandford: A very interesting site with two nice easy digs. Parking is limited so a bit of planning to car sharing is needed.

Swildons Hole – Josh Bratchley: Josh is looking for someone to help carry cylinders.

Saturday June 4th From 10:00, Village Hall

Final Dig Matchmaker

Depart for dig, dig, digging.

Meet digging teams and depart for caverns measureless.

10:00 Photography Workshop with Duncan Simey

Dig-o-meter – It’s not a competition but who found most.

17:00 Bar

17:30 Wessex Challenge (hosted by the BEC). To be held on the top green by the village hall.

19:00 BBQ

Stomp till late with DJ

Sunday June 5th

10:00-12:00 Village Hall
Digger’s Question Time – A panel of digging experts will answer your questions. Chaired by Mike Kushy

From 10:30, Hunter’s Lodge Long Room

Correspondent: Faye Litherland