News: J’Rat 10th anniversary digging award 2018

31st August 2018 is the tenth anniversary of Tony Jarratt’s death and we would like to calculate how much new cave passage has been found in Mendip and in Scotland in the past ten years.

If you have found anything during the ten-year period from 31st August 2008 until 31st August 2018 (however small and insignificant you think it may be!) could you please advise Estelle Sandford.

We need the total lengths of all the bigger systems found and progressed since then, but if you know of any smaller or unusual finds please let Estelle know.

This year’s J’Rat award, which will be the tenth, will be held at the Hunters Lodge Inn on Saturday 24th November from 19:30hrs. All claims for the award should be sent to Martin Grass. by October 31st.

Correspondent: Estelle Sandford