News: Plenty of cavers?

single cavers


We’ve all heard of and Plenty of Fish, but Teri Stephens and James Sherrell have created a Facebook Group offering single cavers the opportunity to romp in the mud (their words – not ours) with like minded single cavers everywhere.

The rules seem straightforward enough, you must be, or have been a caver, must be single, kind and respectful. Nudity (Facebook doesn’t like that sort of thing although experience suggests cavers do) and vulgarity are banned as are religion and politics and of course the admins insist they can’t verify the identity of anyone joining.

With eighty eight members from all over the world opportunities for foreign travel seem excellent!

None of the editorial team is eligible to join so we can’t tell you how it’s going, but we think it’s a great idea and perhaps a few cavers will find love, or at least new caving partners and report back?

You can see more or join at