News: Ra Paulette’s luminous subterranean world


In one of the first posts on Darkness Below UK we briefly highlighted the work of US cartoonist John Tudek. At the time we were not sure how to categorise the post – should we create a category for Cave Art? Should there be one for cartoons? Should it appear under Deep Thought? In the end we popped it under Caving News and left it at that.

CNN have now thrown us even further with this story – the incredible work of Ra Paulette in New Mexico. Is it a cave or is it a mine? It’s definitely art, so from today you’ll find a Cave Art section under Deep Thought on Darkness Below.

Ra Paulette has spent the last thirty years carving and sculpting in soft sandstone and created a serious of beautifully decorated caves illuminated by vertical ventilation shafts that provide natural lighting.

The story is told on the CNN Style site and it’s well worth spending five minutes reading it. I’m sure I won’t be the only one who wonders why our digs don’t look like this?