News: Speleo Film Festival 2017

 SPELEO FILM FESTIVAL – Karlovac, September 23th, 2017.

Your story…Your script…Your cave…Your choice… All cavers are welcome!

The festival will be showing films created by cavers from all around the world. Don’t be shy, join in.

The festival organization committee is pleased to invite speleologists, mountaineers, biologists, geologists, ecologists and everyone who shares our enthusiasm with the secret world of the underground, to send their professional or amateur recorded films to the traditional annual Speleo Film Festival which is going to be held in Karlovac, Croatia on September 23th, 2017.

By being one of a very few festivals in the world covering speleological topics, the festival already has national and international recognition for its quality and consistency. Throughout the years the festival has been supported by the city of Karlovac, the Speleological Commission of the Croatian Mountaineering Association, Croatian Speleological Federation and Zagreb speleological union. It introduced authors and films from Argentina, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Montenegro, France, Croatia, Iran, Italy, Canada, Colombia, Hungary, Malaysia, Moldova, New Zealand, Germany, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and Great Britain.

Speleological film has a significant role in speleological exploration because of its ability to present the authentic underground environment in all its beauty, previously accessible only to a small number of specially trained people – speleologists. The value of scenes recorded beyond the surface is even greater if observed from the perspective of a non-specialized viewer. Films displayed in recent festivals have shown viewers all the beauty of speleological decorations and hidden touristic possibilities which the underground holds. They have presented the diverse life beyond the surface, acknowledged as one of the bearers of biodiversity in Croatia. They have exhibited the results and valuable scientific information from many speleological explorations and expeditions to different, exotic parts of the world and a lot more.

The Speleo Film Festival aims to acquaint fellow speleologists and documentary lovers with all the work and effort put into making a speleological film and possibly to attract some future underground explorers from among interested viewers.


An International festival of documentary and short speleological films, 3 to 15 minutes in length


.Mob: +385(0)98 890 685 – Damir Basara


. The City of Karlovac
. Karlovac Tourist Board
. The Speleological Committee of the Croatian Mountaineering Association
. Zagreb Speleological Union


. Speleological exploration
. Science & Speleology
. Biospeleology
. Cave diving
. Cave protection
. Caves & Tourism

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 15th, 2017

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  September 15th, 2017


. Films must be recorded/produced in last three years
. Films mustn’t be less than 3 and more than 15 minutes long
. An individual author can enter with one or two films of required festival genre
. All applications must contain:
. Filled in application sheet which can be found at

. Composed film’s summary (in application form)
. Possible additional attachments (not mandatory):
. Author’s photo and short biography
. A segment (photo) from the film to promote the film, author and festival
. Films must be delivered on CD or DVD media (.avi or .mpeg high resolution format)
no later than September 15th, 2017. There is also a possibility to send the films
via upload service, according to previous agreement with the organizer.


Films and all additional materials should be delivered to this address:

OSMICA – društvo za planinarenje, istraživanje i ocuvanje prirodoslovnih

(za Speleo Film Festival – NE OTVARATI)

Bašcinska cesta 3, 47000 Karlovac

Croatia, Europe

NOTE:No commercial value, for cultural purposes only.

By entering the festival, authors give permission to present their films at the Speleo Film Festival 2017, as well as to use them to promote the festival.

EVENTS SCHEDULE: – previous arrangement with the organizer required

. Saturday, September 23th, 2017 – possible activities during the day
. a tour around and through the old city centre of Karlovac with a professional
. swimming and boat trips down the rivers Korana & Mrežnica
. a visit to an attractive cave nearby

. Saturday, September 23th, 2017 – evening programme
. Speleo Film Festival – films presentation

. Sunday, September 24th, 2017
. a visit to an attractive cave nearby


Accommodation will be organized. All the details about accommodation and programme will be published soon here.

Correspondent: Damir Basara